Wisdom N’ice Box™

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Lunch box for cold and fresh food on the excursion!

Smart, leak proof lunch box with a removable cooling pack in the lid. Perfect for school, at work or when traveling. You eat healthily, it´s cost-effective and eco-friendly. Includes a nesting inner box with lid so you can pack different foods separately. Ideal for fresh vegetables, fruit or dressing. The N’ice Box also comes with CUTEleryTM multi-cutlery fixed in the lid. Freeze the cooling pack horizontally for at least 6 hours, click it into the lid to keep your meal cold and fresh for up to 5 hours at room temperature. It can also be used without the cooling pack. The N’ice Box is BPA-, phthalate- and lead-free and the cooling pack contains non-toxic cooling gel. The food containers are microwave- and dishwasher-safe (upper rack). Do not use the cooling pack in a microwave.

Material:PP- & tritan plastic, silicone and non-toxic cooling gel
Measures: 12.5 x 17 x 8 cm
Weight: 335 g
Capacity: 0.9 L (Inner box 0.2 L)

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Wisdom N’ice Box™ Lunch box

The unique illustrations of the flasks are based on ancient Nordic runes and describe their meaning and also Sweden and its history from a personal perspective. The word “rune” means “wisdom” or “secret”.

Each illustration is based on the meaning of ancient Nordic runes. The word “rune” means “wisdom” or “secret”. They were believed to be a gift from the Old Norse god Odin. Runic inscriptions are the oldest original documents in Swedish and were created sometime around 100 A.D., probably with the Latin alphabet as a model.

Information about the pattern designs can be found here.
Information about the runics can be found here.


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