Meaning of the runes

The word “rune” means “wisdom” or “secret”. They were believed to be a gift from the norse god Odin. The word “rune” means “wisdom” or “secret”. They were believed to be a gift from the norse god Odin. Runic inscriptions are the oldest original documents in Swedish and were created sometime around 100 A.D., probably with the Latin alphabet as a model. Even though runes from the begin- ning were found throughout the whole Germanic language area, it was in Scandinavia that they developed the most, were most widespread and used from the earliest time.

The runic alphabet is called Futhark, after the first six letters F, U, T, H, A, R, and K. There have been two runic alphabets used i Scandinavia, the elder Futhark containing 24 runes, which was used up til around 800 B.C. Around the same time as the Viking era started, a 16 character version of the alphabet stated being used, called Young Futhark.

The runes and what they mean


Laguz sounds like L and is the rune of the water. It stands for travel on the water, which was an important part of the life of a Viking. It also stands for everything that water represents: movement, life, energy flow, sensuality, emotions and even subconscious flows of energy. Laguz urges to take a step back, follow current events and rely more on intuition than logic. A cleansing, bright rune loaded with calm, feminine energy.


Wunjo sounds like W / V. It is a playful rune of happiness linked to the god Frej and is about peace and delight. Wunjo is loaded with light energy which stands for viability, joy, love and passion and is about living in the present and enjoy the moment. It also stands for positive thoughts, creativity and well-being – both physically and emotionally. An ability to see without judging, without demands and expectations.


Algiz sounds like S / Z. This is a rune of protection and a symbol of the moose and is said to represent either a stylized moose head or a raised hand. It is considered as a powerful symbol of the animal kingdom and is often associated with guardian angels, guides and power animals. Algir is one of the strongest protective runes and represents inner strength and the contact with the man’s true self. The rune of the moose acts as a lighthouse leading away from danger and protects the wearer against evil forces.


Kenaz sounds like K. It shows fire’s life- sustaining power, light and warmth, but also the danger that fire entails. Kenaz also symbolizes control and utilization of fire for heat and lighting, as well as ritual fires and torches. It stands for both external light and inner enlightenment, knowledge. The rune also teaches us to master our chaotic inner fire and direct it towards a higher purpose.


Eihwaz sounds like E / Ï. It is called the rune of the yew and symbolizes the vegetable kingdom, and that you are on the right path. Like the plants freely give of their fruit, this rune also represents selfless giving. It stands for patiently, slowly growing. It is the rune of nature and is often associated with Yggdrasil – the world tree.