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To the Spirit Collection

New product – July 2022!

SnackDISC Carl Oscar Matlåda

Durable water bottles, vacuum bottles and lunch boxes

Carl Oscar is more than anything a story about growing up. From the very first picnic in the backyard to the summer hike with your grandchildren and everything in between.

All our products are inspired by real life and real people. It started with a smart squeeze-proof juice box holder after our oldest son was sitting in his car seat spilling juice all over the car.

As our family grew so did our company. And today Carl Oscar provides active families all over the world with BPA-free, non-toxic, quality bottles, lunch boxes and vacuum products for a life on the go. No matter when or where you are, Carl Oscar is there with you.

Born and raised in Sweden, Carl Oscar has always had a strong relation with nature. We always use as environmentally friendly and durable materials as possible and take great pride in our products’ long service life. Carl Oscar offers better alternatives to disposable items and together we can reduce unnecessary food waste.

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Today, we humans strive all the time for new, higher goals and constantly compare ourselves with others instead of daring to start from ourselves when we make our choices in life. We are drawn into a wheel that rolls faster and faster and don’t take time to stop, enjoy the mo-ment, the peace and quietness.

We must replenish energy and strength to be able to direct our inner forces to the right goal. Equally important is that we are generous and help our fellow human beings. So slow down, be in the present, and be inspired by the 2000-year- old Norse rune inscriptions, whose meanings and messages are more relevant today than ever before.

To the Spirit Collection
Vattenflaska Carl Oscar

Kids Collection

Carl Oscar’s kids range is colorful with lovely animal illustrations. That kids should have the same product standard and BPA- and non-toxic materials in their water bottles, vacuum bottles and lunch boxes as adults is a matter of course for us and our goal is that our products are used as much and often as possible.

Urban Collection

We focus on functional, affordable and durable products to bring hot and cold food and beverages on the go. The use of disposable packaging for food and beverages on the go has increased enormously. In the long run, it is unsustainable, so bring a lunch box, fill your water bottle and skip disposable mugs when you buy your coffee on the go. The coolest water bottle, lunch box and vacuum bottle is a bonus!

A BPA- and non-toxic water bottle, vacuum bottle or lunch box

Carl Oscar designs affordable, functional vacuum bottles and jars, lunch boxes and water bottles with a focus on reuse and durability. We of course use non-toxic materials and all our products are BPA-free. The goal for our product range is to have a long service life with as environmentally friendly materials as possible, in terms of the production process in combination with the service life of the product.

Our motto is that Carl Oscar’s products should be used as much and as often as possible. That means that they will be exposed to both tough conditions and a lot of wear and tear. Offering most components as spare parts is therefore an important part of our sustainability work. We believe that our customers should of course be able to replace a worn gasket or a lost lid and thus further extend the life of the product instead of throwing it away and buy a new one.

Carl Oscar’s product range offers better alternatives to disposable items and disposable packaging, and simplifies for the user to reduce unnecessary food waste.

Meet the summer with an excursion

Different types of vacuum products that keeps your food hot or cold on your outdoor adventures.

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