Everything started with a


In the beginning of 2007, our oldest son Carl sat in his car seat, drinking juice from a tetra pack. It resulted in lots of spills and smudges when he squeezed it and most of the contents ended up on his clothes and in the car. At that very moment, the idea was born for the juice box holder, which became our first product. Our children Carl, today 16 years old and Oscar, 14, have named the company and constantly give us inspiration and ideas for new products.

/Annika & Niclas


Inspired by life

The purpose of our design and color combinations is to attract both adults and children, regardless of where you live and what culture you come from. Good function is a matter of course. We always take into account our own family’s needs and wishes when it comes to developing new features and functions. We can with great pleasure state that the inspiration from our everyday life also works in other cultures and continents. Today, our products are used by children and adults in almost 50 countries around the world.


Protect our environment

Carl Oscar designs functional, affordable water bottles, lunch boxes and vacuum bottles with focus on recycling and durability. it’s important that our products have a long service life with as environmentally friendly materials as possible, both in terms of the entire production process and the service life of the product.

Our motto is that Carl Oscar’s products should be used as much and as often as possible. That means that they will be exposed to both tough conditions and a lot of wear and tear. Offering most parts of our products as spare parts is therefore an important part of our sustainability work. We believe that our customers of course easily should be able to replace a worn gasket or a lost lid and thus further extend the life of the product instead of throwing it away and buy a new one.

Our range offers better alternatives to disposable mugs and disposable packaging and also simplifies for the user to reduce unnecessary food waste.


Toxic & BPA-free

All our products are non-toxic and BPA-free. They are also food approved according to European standards and are safe to use for water, as well as baby food.


Stylish and timeless

Carl Oscar’s products are designed and developed in Sweden. Scandinavia is strongly associated with stylish and timeless design and is also at the forefront when it comes to creative innovation, quality and sustainable environmental aspects. Most of Carl Oscar’s innovative solutions are patented internationally.