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Water bottle, vacuum bottle or both?

Sustainable water bottles and vacuum bottles


Carl Oscar have different types of water bottles and vacuum products for your drink. The possibility to easily bring cold water, hot coffee or invigorating tea on the go is a must for most people today. For us, it is also obvious that you don’t buy water in disposable bottles or coffee and tea in disposable cups.

If you bring your own water bottle, vacuum bottle or coffee mug, you save both money, the environment and contribute to a sustainable society. Choose between a range of water bottles and pick one that fits your needs. An affordable, functional and durable water bottle or vacuum bottle is also obvious to us. To have the nicest water bottle and vacuum bottle is a bonus!

Water bottles designed in Sweden

Our focus is functional, affordable water bottles and vacuum bottles for food and drink on the go. Carl Oscar’s kids range is colorful with lovely animal illustrations. All our products are non-toxic and BPA-free, made to keep your hot food warm and cold drink chill.

Kids Collection

vattenflaska barn

water bottle for kids

Today, Carl Oscar provides active families all over the world with BPA-free, non-toxic, quality bottles, lunch boxes and vacuum products for a life on the go. No matter when or where you are, Carl Oscar is there with you.

Born and raised in Sweden, Carl Oscar has always had a strong relation with nature. We always use as environmentally friendly and durable materials as possible and take great pride in our products’ long service life. Carl Oscar offers better alternatives to disposable items and together we can reduce unnecessary food waste.

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