Sandwich Box

79,00 kr

Sandwich box for children

Cut down the use of plastic bags, cling film and foil with this lightweight, sandwich-sized box for keeping food fresh until it’s time to eat. Keeps your sandwiches fresh instead of mashed and easily fits in a backpack. The container’s one-piece construction means no seals or lids to keep track of or to get lost. The hinged cover is easy to open, even with small hands. The animal characters are the work of Swedish illustrator Linn Eldin, appearing exclusively on Carl Oscar’s products. The sandwich boxes are dishwasher-safe (upper rack). Perfect for nursery, school, on an excursion or when travelling.

Unique patented design by Carl Oscar® of Sweden.

Material: PP-plastic
Measures: 14.5 x 13.8 x 5.3 cm • 5.7’’ x 5.4’’ x 2.1’’
Weight: 80 g • 2.8 oz
Phthalate- & BPA-free

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