TEMP LunchJar™ 0.5 l

399,00 kr

Hot food on any excursion!

A 100 % leak-proof vacuum jar for kids in stainless steel which holds 0.5 L and keeps the food both hot and cold on the excursion thanks to our VacuumShield™- technology. Fill the jar with soup, pasta, or fruit salad. Conveniently eat right from the jar with the supplied CUTElery™ multi-cutlery. The wide opening makes the jar easy to fill, eat from and clean. Fun design in playful colours. Keeps foods warm for up to 5 h. All parts are of course BPA-, phthalate- and lead-free and stainless steel means no retention or imparting of flavors. Do not use in microwave, clean by hand. Unique patented design by Carl Oscar® of Sweden.

Unique patented design by Carl Oscar® of Sweden.

Material: Stainless steel & PP-plastic
Measures: Ø 11.1 x 113 cm
Weight: 349 g
Capacity: 0,5 l

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